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You don’t have to be a medical professional to make a real difference. You can choose from a variety of rewarding roles, all of which keep Jasmine thriving.

As an administrative or fundraising volunteer, you can assist in many ways including staffing the front desk, running errands, assisting with the preparation of a fundraising event, helping before, during and after events, and providing data entry and social media support. There are limitless possibilities to make a difference.

As a clinical volunteer, who would have more direct contact with a patient and/or their family, you can help in a multitude of ways. This can be anything from simply holding a hand, to reading a book, walking a pet, going shopping or just talking. No nursing duties are expected or required in this role.

Be a Volunteer

It’s opened my mind and eyes to the importance of discussing and preparing for all that is required when a loved one is facing life-limiting or end of life illnesses

Diana Joseph, Board Member

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