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Our team of health care professionals specialise in treating pain and managing symptoms. We liaise with the patient’s own doctor to enhance the quality of life for the patient and their loved ones.

Jasmine provides 24-hour telephone access to hospice clinicians who can answer questions, support caregivers over the phone or send a team member to the home.

When is it Time for Hospice?

“I wish I had chosen hospice care sooner,” is a common sentiment expressed by hospice patients and their families and even medical professionals who refer patients to Jasmine. If you are asking yourself whether it is time to choose hospice care, the answer is likely yes.

Jasmine often finds that those who receive our specialised care early in the process of a life-limiting illness often improve temporarily and are thus able to experience the benefits of pain relief, symptom management and comfort care, which all assist in the easing of anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Palliative Care

Care is targeted at supporting a patient’s physical, emotional and psychosocial needs, providing comfort and improving quality of life.

Hospice Care

Our team provides patients and their loved ones meaningful time together when the focus of care turns from active treatment to comfort and quality of life.

In-patient Care

In-patient care is provided for end of life care if families are unable to manage the care at home.
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Holistic Care

Holistic therapies are often used to bring a higher quality of life and enhance patient-centered care. From pet visits and massage, to aromatherapy and Reiki.

In-home Care

Jasmine offers several key services that assist patients and their families within the comfort of the patient’s home, including symptom management, education, and overall support.

Caregiver Support

Being a caregiver can be both immensely satisfying and incredibly challenging. Caring for a loved one requires the acquisition of new skills and education about illness.


Grief can be all-consuming and is different for everyone, but cannot be avoided. For this reason, our team offers bereavement services and resources to assist and comfort families as they journey through it.

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Helpful advice

Our range of booklets, written by experts contain information you can rely on as you navigate your way through caring for a loved one. They are available for download to be read in your own time.

Managing your Pain

A guide to pain medication use

Download PDF

Advance Care Planning

Help with deciding, discussing, and documenting healthcare wishes.

Download PDF

Facing Hard Choices

A guide to artificial nutrition and hydration.

Download PDF

Hard choices about CPR

Download PDF

Living with Dementia

A caregiver guide to memory care

Download PDF

When You are Grieving

A guide to understanding loss

Download PDF

When Teens are Grieving

A teen to teen guide to understanding loss

Download PDF

Grief support for Kids

Gentle grief support for kids and grown ups

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You were there for us when we felt so alone

Jasmine home support, it's a true blessing

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We were able to make the most of every precious moment

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